Co-Active Care

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Golden Years Co-Active Care is a specialized approach to in-home care which engages the senior with the caregiver, in a stimulating and personalized way. Each caregiver interacts with the senior to create a safe environment, that promotes mental wellness, social stimulation, emotional balance, and physical activity, contributing to their overall good health and continued independence.

Healthy Meaningful Living

Co-Active Care is the next best thing to you being right at home with the one you love. We know we could never replace your special touch and dedication to mom or dad, but we hope we can provide them interactive quality care, and heartfelt companionship filled with compassion and kindness that supports a healthy life style.

For this reason, using our Co-Active Care system, our Companion Care Specialists have been uniquely trained to encourage meaningful activities that will help promote and maintain good health- mentally, socially, emotionally and physically. Our goal is to put a smile on your loved ones face by showing them they can remain happy, healthy and independent at home during their golden years.

Co-Active Care may include: a peaceful walk in the neighborhood, cooking together, working together on house hold chores, going on a scenic drive, shopping, attending church, visiting the senior center, a social event or assisting with hobbies, crafts, puzzles and other activities they enjoy. We also provide memory care, reminisce therapy.
As your companion care provider we consider it an honor to be chosen by you to serve you and your family.