Professional Recommendations

Steve Weiss

I am writing this as a service provider who consults for the company. Ken and Carrie wear their heart on their sleeves. They serve a higher purpose with their business in that they are doing so to fulfill a mission to our Lord. As per the scriptures, we are to “Love Thy Neighbor as Thy Self”. This is something they hold on to and execute daily. Whether or not you are religious, you want someone who will truly treat your loved one with dignity and grace. You want someone who cares about the well being of their patients, and would go the extra mile for them. This is fulfilling that commandment. The team they have in place running the operation are dedicated, committed to excellence and will be available should something call. As a provider of services supporting Home Care companies across the country, this is what you need the most from an agency, Help when Crisis Arises. That’s what separates good companies from bad ones, and that’s why Golden Years is one of the companies I trust!

Paula Sunga RN

Golden years was more than accommodating! They were very professional and provided great post-op care for our patients. They also provided exceptional transportation service for our patients. They provide amazing service and they always have a smile on their face

Jdm Bird

Been working with Ken and Carrie now for almost 6 months and I can’t say enough about these guys. They have a sincere care for what they do, and take pride in providing a quality service. When it comes to in-home care services, there is no other place I can recommend besides Golden Years. Definitely don’t hesitate to give these guys a call.

Nicole Peretti

The owners and staff TRULY care about helping people. This is a team you can count on, no matter what level of services you need for your loved one. Whenever I speak with them, I hear the passion for what they do shining through over everything else. You are in good hands with Golden Years!


Golden Years has always provided excellent care for our outpatients. We would definitely refer Golden Years to some of our most important clients and family members. Nancy – Golden Years representative is always very helpful, friendly and professional.

Mylene Lee

I’m the care services director from Golden Pond Senior Living and on the 4th of July we had a couple of residents that are needing companion care. After calling a couple of companies, it was only Golden Years that answered and were able to help us in a timely manner.

Dale Drury

I have worked with Golden Years for some time now and have found their organization and personnel to be professional, kind and compassionate. I would recommend their company to anyone


I had used Golden Years for many years and my client is very happy with the services that they provide. I highly recommend them to anyone in the community.

Linda Saephanh

I referred residents to Golden Years. Residents were happy with the care from Golden Year. I love working with them. They have very nice staff!

Irene Amaba LVN

Our patients always requests for Golden Years for their post-op care. Golden Years always delivers